jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

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Ojalá os guste y tal:

Worlds Within The Dark

For all this time I´ve been wondering why

For all this months I´ve wondering how

Could I have been so weak, but now

This body can resist the weight of time

Set me free.

I look at your face and see

How much time you´ve been deceiving me

Can you prove that you really loved me?

I don´t think you can. I don´t think you did.

The Queen of the greatest lie told

The lips of mine I never felt so cold

The Sun of the North standing tall

And my head hearing the voice of its call

The call of rage

The call of depression

The call of frustration

The call of worlds within the dark.


Avoid it or face it, here´s the choice

The key of freedom in the Creator´s hands

Send me a sign, send me a reason to live on

The eyes of my past lives are closing forever

When the day of my journey will come

Miles away from your traitor´s eyes

Lightyears away from your venomous lies

Leave me be, set me free.

I want to live my own life, far away from you.

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